CLEAR作为全球领先的线性照明品牌,成立23年来,一直从事柔性灯带的创新、研发和制造。CLEAR Lighting为专业和工业照明应用开发了广泛的高品质柔性LED灯条,范围从游泳池,桑拿房,车道和桥梁到矿山和隧道。CLEAR以行业为中心的方法利用了20多年的行业专业知识和经验,专门构建的行业解决方案和以行业为中心的客户参与。随着flex led灯产品组合的不断增长,CLEAR可以定制我们的产品以满足每个项目的独特需求,包括定制或定制生

100% monochromatic light output? Different shades of white? Color? Multicolor LED lines? Should it be suitable for indoor applications? Outdoor? Or underwater? Whatever application you think of, we will make it happen!

To develop applications that do justice to quality products, Unlumited is a proud partner of Clear lighting, leading supplier of premium light lines for the most demanding applications: they provide maximum reliability, a long life span and a range of options that is unheard of.